Why Wine Tastings?

Try it, you’ll like it! Or maybe you won’t. That’s the conundrum… a seemingly endless sea of wine, different wines, different vintages, different labels. It’s all so confusing. And when all is said and done, it’s still a matter of trying something that is new and different, or resigning yourself to opening the same bottle of wine each time. Same wine each time? How boring is that?

What to do? You can certainly read up on stuff… Wine Advocate, Vinous, Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast, International Wine Cellar, Decanter… excellent publications. You can learn a lot. The New York Times has a column on Wednesday and the Wall St. Journal has one on Friday. You can learn even more.

Good ratings from the monthlies and editorial endorsements from the weeklies are well and good; but you drink wine for your pleasure, not for Antonio Galloni of Vinous or Eric Asimov of the New York Times. A great rating speaks for the quality of the wine, not whether you will like it.

Read all you want. The best way to learn is to taste. And the best way to taste is to take advantage of Wine Tastings when there is an opportunity to try several wines in comparison. Wineries are a sure bet; but it could also be at a shop that specializes in wines, as we do at DB Wine Wines -- where wine is not a story; but the only story.

About Tastings at DB Fine Wines:

  • Tastings are FREE of charge
  • Tastings are “Sit Down” by invitation/reservation ONLY
  • We taste in crystal
  • Ten to twelve wines will be tasted 
  • Wines are explained in a direct, engaging, and unpretentious style (questions are encouraged). No obligation to order wine… but, wine can be ordered and will be delivered within a week of the tasting! 

If you are interested in receiving invitations to our scheduled tastings, we would be happy to add you to our distribution list. Please contact Susan @ susan@dbfinewines.com to sign up, or for more information, you may call directly at 203-652-8439.


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